May 13, 2013 United Against Pipelines Rally


Activists rallying in Bryant Park in preparation for a march to the Waldorf Astoria to greet President Obama–arriving for a fundraiser–with a message to that we don’t want an economy based on renewable energy, not more pipelines, and dirty energy.

David Braun (above) speaks to the crowd. “We are going to get to a future by building a sustainable economy based on renewal energy, and union jobs for people in our communities; Sustainability, sustainability.”



Monica revving up the crowd for a great action. “I’m from Occupy the Pipeline, you being here today means you are part of a movement, this is not a focus group. this is not a one-off, this is a mass social movement. We are not here today to politely ask President Obama to save us because we are already fighting to save ourselves, people across America are rising up like you. taking risks, getting in the streets, locking themselves up, grandmothers, families, young people, even some movie stars, everybody’s joining in, because it feels good to fight for what is right. to fight for our planet. We are here against the Keystone Pipeline that will bring toxic tar sands oil from Alberta, Canada to the Gulf of Mexico to be exported. We are here because we know that is not our future, we are here united against all pipelines from the Spectra fracked gas pipeline in the West Village, to the Rockaway Lateral Pipeline on the heels of Hurricane Sandy where people are still recovering, we are against all these fossil fuel pipelines because we want an America to have renewable energy, that has a stable economy, that cares for its people for its beautiful nature; For our health, and for our children.



Reverend Billy and the Church of Earthalujah perform a Revolt of the Golden Toads.


Two other speakers were Albert, and Jessica.




6:00pm, The march to the Waldorf begins led by the Shorakapok Earthkeepers.






Veterans for Peace




Renewable Energy Now!




Nadette of Peace Museum NY



The lead banner “Stop the War on Mother Earth” manned by Veterans for Peace. some chants heard:
1. “Get up Get down, Leave Fossil Fuels in the Ground”
2. “One, Two, Three, Four, Kick the Pipelines out the Door. Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Renewable Energy in Every State.”
3. “When Planet Earth is under attack, Stand up Fight Back!”
4. “Hey Obama, We don’t want no Fracking Drama.”
5. “Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Keystone Pipeline (has) got to go.”



A snippet of the march; it’s not a very good quality, so it will be on my B-sides youtube channel.


6:41pm, The front of the march turning the corner on Park Avenue.  The National Lawyers Guild was there to observe protest and police interaction.




The view at the front of the protest pen at 7:22pm. By this time, Obama’s motorcade already came and went, and the protest pen began thinning out.




Windmill Power! at the end of the rally at 7:40pm.




“Protest Pen #2” south of “Protest Pen #1”  Voices at this location were greatly marginalized.



Some cop hijinks here, police clear the area at the front of the protest pen, followed by a community affairs cop deliberately removing his name tag and hiding it from public view. posted on my B-sides youtube channel.

At the front of “Protest Pen #1” just shy of the actual street corner. Chief McNamara (2nd left) orders this area cleared, and barricades setup.  Those with NYPD press badges were allowed to stay while those–citizen media journalists–without such credentials were ordered to leave.