May 4, 2013 Ideas City street festival


May 4, 2013. The last day of a 3-day festival held by the New Museum. Sponsored this year by Goldman Sachs Gives, the festival took over several streets surrounding the New Museum, as well as the north end of Sara D. Roosevelt Park. The idea behind Ideas City is imaging what the city would look like, but some critics say there are enough ideas, that who they benefit is more important. Also many of these “urban renewal” type of events, including the Fall 2011 BMW Guggenheim Lab at First Park seems to generate similar questions “What do you want to see in your neighborhood”, and responses, e.g., beautiful, orderly, city full of bike lanes, parks and recreation. If you read the special issue of The Nation about New York being the Gilded City under Bloomberg, these sort of urban amenities largely benefit certain demographics more than others. One issue that’s on the forefront is the right to public space. Increasingly, public space has been sold off to corporate interests.




Giving out free buttons on hot topic issues that matter to New Yorkers. There were buttons for “Frack Attack”, “Bored of Ed” [education], “Don’t Tax Me Bro”, “Unfare Hikes”, “Drones!”, “No Thanks” [cigarettes], “Condomaximum”. Political buttons including “Me, You and Liu”, “Giuliani Time”, “Burns for Mayor”, “I Like Mike”, “We Want Weiner”, etc.





Marissa Niederhauser in her piece”Mercy is a Warrior” with Dance New Amsterdam




Kim Holleman’s Trailer Park, a mobile oasis.







Making & distributing seed bombs to revitalize coastlines damaged from Hurricane Sandy







This visual survey by Linked Inn and Princeton University is a study of nomadic, migrant labor & proposed reinvention of the single room occupancy (SRO) housing model…




There were actually a few booths in the festival staffed by various “urban planning” groups, and architects with their own audience participatory surveys asking what people wanted to see in their neighborhood, and/or city.

One idea that probably didn’t make it into any official survey, but a sentiment certainly shared by many people in this city.



Another installation critical of Ideas City and New Museum was even taken down before the street festival even began.



Sub Rosa sustainable play & problem solving with bamboo sticks. the original sketch on their website shows the use of rope instead of plastic zip ties.


Michael Alan’s Living Installation


Contents of a really nice gift bag containing Faber Castell art pencils, charcoal, marker, and oil pastels. The Drawing Center commissioned Terry Smith for “Capital Revisited” a series of site-specific street art drawings based on “Capital” a drawing he created at the British Museum.




Museum of the American Prison in Collaboration with the Civic Duty Initiative




One of the vendor booths, Hudson Valley Seed Library