May 8, 2013 Rally to save the NYPL


About 100 people held a rally Wednesday afternoon to call attention to the New York Public Library’s plan to close two libraries, and move their collections into the main library building at 42nd St. In order to create space within the building for the new (circulating) library, the plan requires part of the library’s seven-story underground book stacks removed, and their contents–approximately 1.5million research (non circulating) collection–warehoused out-of-state. The plan is controversial. Funding for the proposed project requires at least $150million from new york city taxes, and another $100 million funded from proceeds of the controversial sale of Donnell closed in 2008, the annex, and office space above the science and business library. Here’s Scott Sherman (The Nation) critiquing the Central Library Plan on the Leonard Lopate show.









Informing people of #NYPL plan to gut the 42nd st Research Library & warehouse books out-of-state




video snippet of the rally