May 1, 2013, May Day 2013

May Day New York City.


I plan on uploading photos to this page from the field as they happen. stay tuned here, and also follow @tenementcity on twitter.

This year I was not able to attend the anti-capitalist march, the Immigrants Justice Solidarity tour, or the other things that were happening before 2pm.  I opted to go to work today, and went later for the rally, march, student convergence.  After the permitted march, I skipped Zuccotti after hearing rumors of the large amount of police and stuff, went to Foley, but a block away just gave up and went home frustrated that once again, I ask myself why am I running around taking these photos, for nobody in particular, with no viewers, and no support when I need it most.  Sure, these photos represent a record of events, but was it worth it? update There was something critically broken in my twitter account, I have since deleted the original account, and started a new one. the twitter account did not index any of my tweets, i believe the new one does now.




3:06pm. Columbia student solidarity arrives at the NYC student convergence at Free Cooper Union.




3:33pm. A Megar Evars student speaks out at the NYC student convergence at Free Cooper Union.



book bloc book shields



4:18pm. The NYC student bloc from Free Cooper Union reaches Union Square for the big May Day rally and march.




The big (permitted) May Day March for Legalization, Jobs, and Education







“Lady Justice” the new puppet created by the People’s Puppets.








A paper rat created for the 99 Pickets Solidarity Tour earlier today. I did not attend march, opted to go to work.




Occupy Wall Street contingent with the big banner. This banner created by the woman on the right.




6:48pm. Once the march reached City Hall and the unions held their rally, the police came in and divided up the march with barricades.  It was their hope people would slowly disperse or get discourage and “go away”; it appeared to work. I saw some at the end of the march standing holding banners and stuff, waiting for the march to continue moving toward City Hall but not knowing what was happening at the front of the march. After a while, many just packed up and left.






Discarded signs at end of the march