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Versailles Chocolates

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Chocolate Map of Manhattan

Agata & Valentina chocolate bars

This speciality market stocks a small, but very-good selection of fruits, nuts, pasta, seafood, cheeses, and coffee. Their selection of chocolate bars is limited to Michel Cluizel, Valhrona, Dolfin, and the Agata and Valentina house brand made by the same company that makes the Gourmet Garage house brand (same wrapper).

1505 First Avenue (at 79th St).
phone: 1.212.452.0690

Aji Ichiban [ website ]
Aji Ichiban, NYC

This unique HK-based candy shop features a wide variety of sweet, and salty snacks, or "munchies" available mix-and-match by the pound. Although the product selection is limited--compared to the stores in Hong Kong--one can still find over a dozen kinds each of preserved plums, gingers, fruit, dried fish jerkys, and sweets. There is not much chocolate, however. updated 2003-11-16.

· toll-free: 1.866.833.3888, fax-toll-free: 1.866.833.3882
· 37 Mott Street (at Pell Street), phone:
· 167 Hester St (btwn. Elizabeth & Mott), phone: 1.212.925.1133
· 188 Lafayette Street (at Broome St.), phone:
· 153A Centre St (btwn. Canal & Walker), phone: 1.212.625.1122
· 23 East Broadway, phone: 1.212.571.3755
· (see Aji Ichiban location in Queens.)

Amish Market chocolate bars

Valhrona, Cemoi, and a few other brands are sold at this gourmet market.

· 240 East 45th Street (west of First Ave). phone: 1.212.370.1761
· 731 Ninth Avenue (at 50th St). phone:

notable shop The Art of Chocolate truffles/bon bons

since 2004, factory no longer at w23rd st current status unknown.

Chocolates by Patrick Coston, former pastry chef at Ilo. Order online, or by phone.

notable shop Aureole [ website ] truffles/bon bons made in nyc

Petit-fours, and chocolates are presented at the end of every meal at Charlie Parker's signature restaurant. The chocolates can also be purchased separately by the pound, packaged in a wooden gift box. $38/lb box, or $20/half-lb. updated 2003-11-17.

34 East 61st Street (btwn. Madison & Park Ave.)
phone: 1.212.319.1660, fax: 1.212.750.8613

Australian Homemade [ website ] truffles/bon bons
Australian Homemade, NYC Chocolates, coffee, and (syrupy) ice cream made using all-natural ingredients. Despite the name, Australian Homemade has little to do with the Down under except for the aboriginal designs on the back of the chocolates, and the Aussie background of its company founder. The company is actually Dutch with shops all over Europe, and the chocolates are made in Amsterdam (ice cream made locally). The chocolate selection includes special sports versions incorporating natural herbs like marapuama, or guarana (both stimulants); and kava kava, a relaxant. Each large piece of chocolates are $1.85-$1.95, not incl. tax which rounds to $2.00. Australian Homemade is now being offered at Macy's The Cellar. updated 2003-09-28.

· 115 St. Marks Place (btwn. First Ave & Avenue A).
· Macy's The Cellar, 34th St and 7th ave.

Balducci's [ website ] chocolate bars

This famous gourmet market was once located in Greenwich Village, but have since relocated to the Upper West Side, 'round the corner from Tower Records. The chocolate selection is small, but unique. They have Caffarel, Perugina, Schneekoppe, and Ritter chocolate bars. A full line of Niederegger marzipan, Saxon Chocolates and confections, Hay Day Country Market panned chocolates, and baking cocoa. And hot chocolate mixes from Ghiradelli, McNess, and Bellagio.

· 155 West 66th Street (btwn. Broadway & Amsterdam Av.) ph: 212-653-8320
· 81 Eighth Avenue (corner of 14th st) ph: 212-741-3700

Bergdorf Goodman truffles/bon bons

Gift boxes of Vosges Haut Chocolat, SweetBliss, MarieBelle, Demel, and Altmann & Kuhne are sold at Bergdorf Goodman on the seventh floor. They used to have Le Chocolatier Manon chocolates. updated 2003-11-11.

754 Fifth Avenue, 7th fl. (btwn. 57th & 58th St.)

notable shop Bespoke Chocolates [ website ] truffles/bon bons made in nyc
Bespoke Chocolates, NYC

Chocolate truffles and confections. opened feb 2009

6 Extra Place (E. 1st St, btwn Bowery and Second Ave.)

Black Hound [ website ] truffles/bon bons made in nyc
Blackhound, NYC

The Black Hound makes chocolate cakes, pastries, and a variety of whimsical little cookies. They also have tiny truffles at $35/lb.

170 Second Avenue (btwn. 11th & 12th St.)
toll-free: 1.800.344.4417

Bloomingdales truffles/bon bons

Martine's handmade chocolates are sold on the 6th Floor (see entry for Martine's below.) Godiva, Perugina, and MarieBelle packaged chocolates, along with a variety of other packaged confections are sold on the 5th floor.

notable shop Bond Street Chocolates [ website ] truffles/bon bons made in nyc
Bond Street Chocolates, NYC

Chocolate confections, and chocolate iconography (Buddha, Jesus, Ganesh statues, etc) dusted with gold gilt. opened Dec 2008

63 East 4th St (btwn Bowery and 2nd Ave).

notable shop Bouchon Bakery truffles/bon bons hot chocolate made in nyc
Bouchon Bakery, NYC

Thomas Keller's (chef/owner of the French Laundry, yountville, ca.) Bouchon Bakery pastry shop complimenting Per Se, his NYC restaurant at the Time Warner Center. They sell sandwiches, salads, pastries, chocolate, and drinks. Chocolates are $2.75 a piece, a trio for $6.75. listed 2004-01-21, updated 2006-09-29

10 Columbus Circle, 3rd fl. (at 59th St & Broadway, Time Warner Center.)

Bruno Bakery truffles/bon bons made in nyc
Bruno Bakery, NYC

Pasticceria Bruno features elegant Italian pastries, cakes, coffee, hot chocolate, and cannolis hand-filled to order (at their location on LaGuardia Pl). Handmade chocolates, and truffles are also available at $26/lb.

· 245 Bleecker Street (btwn. Carmine and Leroy--west of 6th Ave)
  phone:, fax: 1.212.477.2289
· 506 LaGuardia Place (btwn. West Houston & Bleecker)
  phone: 1.212.982.5854.

Buon Italia [ website ] bulk chocolatechocolate bars

This shop, located inside the Chelsea Market, is a purveyor of Italian made pasta, dried goods, fruit syrups, jams, olive oils, and other foodstuffs. They also sell Alberti chocolate and confections; Callebaut, Irca (99%) bulk chocolate, and De Bondt from Pisa.

75 Ninth Avenue (at 15th Street, Chelsea Market)
phone: 1.212.633.9090, fax: 1.212.633.9717

Burtons truffles/bon bons

Candy shop with generic panned, and handdipped chocolates available. Boxes of Burtons Chocolate, Guylian, and Toblerone are also sold.

172 Madison Avenue (btwn. 33rd & 34th St.)
phone: 1.212.532.5232

The Candy Depot [ website ]

Virtual candy store featuring one of the largest selection of both brand name, and generic candies. Order online, or by phone.

(no retail shop, business address) 51 White Street (bet. Broadway & Church)
toll-free: 1.866.CANDY.11

Candy World

store has closed 2005. new location????

Old-fashioned hand-dipped chocolates, and candy. Since 1970?
old location: 88 Chambers Street (btwn. Broadway & Church) phone: 1.212.587.3949, fax: 1.212.587.3949

Century Market chocolate bars

store has closed 2005, 2006.

Century stocks fresh produce, gourmet products, cheeses, prepared foods, and more. Their chocolate selection consists of Ritter Sport, Ritter Sport Active, Milka (kraft foods germany), Flyer chocolate bars, Valhrona, Ghiradelli, Lindt, and Marich panned chocolate confections.
510-521 Sixth Avenue (btwn. 13th & 14th St). phone: 1.212.807.8988, fax: 1.212.807.8989

Charbonnel et Walker [ website ] truffles/bon bonshot chocolate
Charbonnel et Walker, NYC

Opened 2006. This whimsically decorated cafe/shop inside Saks Fifth Avenue features chocolates, chocolate desserts, fresh pastries, and hot chocolate drinks.

sorry, this is not the greatest photo, i'll try and work at contacting saks PR department and actually be inside the cafe, but i doubt they will be cooperative.

Saks Fifth Avenue, 611 Fifth Avenue, 8th floor.
phone: 1.212.588.0546

Chelsea Market Baskets [ website ] truffles/bon bonschocolate bars

This shop, located inside the Chelsea Market, sells jams, jellies and a wide variety of gourmet food gifts. They also have Leonidas handmade chocolates, and Cote d'Or, Caller (sugar free), Dolfin, and Fran's chocolate bars.

Chelsea Market, 75 Ninth Avenue (at 15th St.)

Alison Nelson's Chocolate Bar [ website ] truffles/bon bons chocolate bars hot chocolate made in nyc
Pastries, hot chocolate, coffee, and tea are served here in addition to chocolates by Jacque Torres, Garrison Confections, and others. Designer chocolate bars (artwork on the wrapper), and gifts are available as well.

The Chocolate Bar also has an outpost at Henri Bendel department store (see listing for Henri Hendel below.)

moved to: 127 East 7th St (btwn. First and Ave A.)
phone: 1.212.366.1541

Chocolate Bar: Recipes and Entertaining Ideas for Living the Sweet Life
by Matt Lewis, Alison Nelson
Running Press Book Publ, 2004. 191pp.

USA click for price and purchase info at USA     CANADA click for price and purchase info at CANADA FRANCE Cliquez ici pour le prix et les modalits d'achat à FRANCE UK click for price and purchase info at UK

a delicious ode to the sweet that entrances so many, with more than 30 recipes from such stellar chocolatiers as Jacques Torres and Andrew Shotts.... Co-founders Lewis and Nelson espouse a stylish philosophy of fun and enjoyment, with the focus on baking, drinking, dining, and entertaining with chocolate. They also explain how to educate one's chocolate palate by exploring products with various cacao percentages, origins, textures, aromas, and tastes. Readers will learn how to throw a chocolate tasting party, a swank chocolate martini soiree ... and other nostalgic indulgences.

Chocolat Bla Bla Bla truffles/bon bonschocolate bars
Chocolat Bla Bla Bla, NYC.

This tiny shop features a unique selection of chocolate bars, novelties, and gourmet chocolate gifts from around the world, but compared to elsewhere, prices are a bit expensive. They feature Michel Cluizel, Intemperantia, Christopher Norman, chocolate pasta, chocolate caviar, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, almond toffee, peanut brittle, and more. prices may be a little high.

359 East 50th Street (btwn. 1st & 2nd Ave).
phone: 1.212.759.5976, fax: 1.212.758.7204, toll-free: 1.866.759.5976

Chocolate Garden

name changed to Kee's Chocolates, see listing below. updated summer 2004

notable shop Chocolat Moderne [ website ] truffles/bon bons made in nyc

Beautiful Art-deco styled chocolates by Joan Coukos. Available at select retail locations, or order online. $27 for a box of 12. updated 2004-04-05.

(no retail shop, call for appointment) 27 West 20th Street, Suite 904.
phone:, fax:

notable shop Christopher Norman [ website ] truffles/bon bons made in nyc

Exquisite, and artfully decorated chocolates--in some cases big splashes of bright color or other expression--that complement the shop's innovative flavor combinations. Their factory and retail store is located in the Financial District. In addition, chocolates can be purchased at various retail outlets like Whole Foods Market, updated 2008-3-17

· 60 New Street (btwn. Beaver & Exchange Pl.)
  phone: 1.212.402.1243, fax: 1.212.402.1249

Citarella [ website ] chocolate bars

Located right next door to popular Fairway Supermarket on the Upper West Side, this epicurean shop is well known for its high quality seafood, prime meats, dry aged steaks, and prepared foods. They only have Caffarel, Ghiradelli, Lindt, Perugina, Weiss, and Guylian chocolate bars.

· 2135 Broadway (corner of 75th St). phone: 1.212.874.0383
· 1313 Third Avenue (btwn. 75th & 76th St.)
· 461 West 125th Street (btwn. Amsterdam & Convent Ave.) opening 2004.
· 424 Sixth Ave (at 9th Street.)

City Bakery hot chocolate

Well, City Bakery doesn't make truffles, but they do make hot chocolate (with milk and cream and three kinds of chocolate) that most people agree is sinfully rich, and downright decadent. During the month of February they hold their annual hot chocolate festival featuring a different flavor each day. They also have a good rotating lunch menu, and homestyle baked goods.

3 West 18th St (just west of Fifth Ave).
phone: 1.212.366.1414

notable shop Chocolat Michel Cluizel [ nyc website ] [ website ] truffles/bon bons hot chocolate
Chocolat Michel Cluizel, NYC.

currently looking for a new location.

Chocolates flown in from Normandy, France. Chocolate cocktails, liquor, hot chocolate, and desserts made locally. Bonbons are sold by the piece, and also sold by weight. Michel Cluizel is one of the best french chocolates available. They are also made without soy lechithin. Opened November 2005.

michael cluizel michael cluzel abc home carpet abc carpet and home

Cocoa Bar [ website ] truffles/bon bons hot chocolate made in nyc
Cocoa Bar, NYC

Sleek neighborhood lounge serving an array of delicious chocolate pastries, cake, coffee, and drinks. At night, they feature wine pairings with chocolate. Their new store on clinton st opened June 2007. Their original store in Park Slope Brooklyn is still open. updated 2007-06-16.

· 21 Clinton St. (btwn. E. Houston and Stanton St.)
  phone: 1.212.677.7417
· (see Brooklyn page for details on Cocoa Bar in park slope brooklyn.)

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