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Chocolatiers, confectionaries, and markets where chocolate is sold

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- Manhattan -

notable shop Debauve & Gallais [ website ] truffles/bon bons
Debauve & Gallais, NYC

Tiny outpost of this famed Parisian chocolate shop, once the purveyors to French royalty, sell chocolates shipped in weekly from Paris. The chocolates are excellent, with flavors perfectly matched inside and out. The dark chocolate-covered candied orange peel are also good. Chocolates $84/lb, ~ $2.10 a piece. The shop has an upstairs tasting parlor. opened nov 2004. updated 2004-11-27.

20 East 69th Street (btwn. Fifth Ave & Madison)
phone: 1.212-734-8880

Dean and Deluca [ website ] truffles/bon bonsbulk chocolatechocolate barshot chocolate
Dean and Deluca, NYC Excellent gourmet emporium that stocks some of the finest edibles made in the tri-state area, and from around the world, all available at a steep price of course. Lately, they have been stocking more classic, and iconic American brands rarely seen outside their region. Their chocolate selection includes Payard, Christopher Norman, Chocolat Moderne, and gift boxes from Knipschildt Chocolates. They also have a good selection of chocolate bars depending on what's available at the time. They may, or may not have Antica Dolceria Bonajuto, Blanxart, BruCo, Bernard Castelain, Enric Rovira, Michel Cluizel, Richard Donnelly, Chocolat Bonnat, Cote d'Or, Green & Black, La Nouba, Sand Castle, Sweet Sloop, Lindt, Ghiradelli, Valhrona, the Dean and Deluca house brand, Mazet de Montargis, Demel, judy's candy, byrne and carlson, bridgewater. updated 2006-09-24.

· 560 Broadway (corner of Prince St.)
  phone:, toll-free: 1.800.999.0306
· 1150 Madison Ave (at 85th St.)
  phone: 1.212.717.0800


Despaña [ website ] chocolate bars
Despana, NYC

Gourmet shop stocking the finest from Spain. They stock Suigumar drinking chocolate, and candy bars; and La Artesana chocolate bars. updated 2006-05-07. Despana

408 Broome St (btwn. Lafayette St and Cleveland Pl)
phone:, fax:

Divalicious Chocolate! [ website ] chocolate bars made in nyc
Divalicious, NYC

Novelty chocolates, chocolate gifts, chocolate fountain rentals. updated 2006-06-23

365 Broome St (btwn. Elizabeth and Mott St.)
phone: 1.212.343.1243

Dylan's Candy Bar [ website ] truffles/bon bons chocolate bars
Dylan's Candy Bar Dylan's Candy Bar, named after Ralph Lauren's daughter (and owner), is a colorful candyland featuring a huge selection of "old-fashioned" style gourmet candies mix-and-match by the pound, lots of chocolate novelties, rare Pez dispensers, and chocolate bars by Chocolove, the Dylan house brand, and Wonka bars. They also have an elegant selection of Belgian truffles made by Le Belge Chocolatier at $1.50 a piece, and ice cream. updated 2003-11-01

1011 Third Avenue (corner of 60th Street).
phone: 1.646.735.0078
(see Long island page for details on Dylan's Candy Bar on Long Island.)

East Village Meat Market chocolate bars

This polish market makes excellent krackowska (Polish ham sausage) in addition to other deli meats, and kielbasa. The grocery selection includes chocolate bars from Wawel, Lindt, Sarotti, and Wiedel.

East Village Meat Market, 139 Second Ave (btwn. 8th & 9th St)

notable shopcoin Economy Candy [ website ] bulk chocolatechocolate bars
Economy Candy, NYC

This tiny candy shop in the Lower East Side lives up to its name for its wide variety of old-fashioned domestic and international candies, nuts, and confections at economic prices. They also stock a great selection of chocolate bars at the lowest price in town. Cafe-Tasse, Cote d'Or, Ghiradelli, Feodora, Lindt, Hatchez, Droste, Scharffen Berger, Valhrona, Callebaut, and British candy bars.

108 Rivington Street (bet Ludlow & Essex St.).
phone:, fax:

notable shop El Eden truffles/bon bons made in nyc

This store has closed, February 2003.

Handmade truffles.
443 East Sixth Street (btwn. First Ave & Ave A). phone/fax: 1.212.979.9291, toll-free: 1.866.4.EL.EDEN

Eli's Vinegar Factory, and Eli's Manhattan bulk chocolatechocolate bars

Eli's is a large gourmet market, and bakery located on the Upper East Side. They also grow their own vegetables on the roof of one of their buildings. They have a good selection of chocolate, but rather expensive. Callebaut, Ibarra, and Schokinag bulk chocolate. Full and partial lines of Cavalier (sugar-free), Chocolove, Michel Cluizel, Cote d'Or, Frans, Le Gamin et Chocolat, Lake Champlain, Lindt, Neuhaus, Scharffen Berger, and Valhrona.

Vinegar Factory, 431 East 91st Street (bet First & York Ave.)
Eli's Manhattan, 1411 Third Avenue (bet 80th & 81st St.)

notable shop Elk Candy Co. truffles/bon bons made in nyc

2006. shop has closed.

Old-fashioned candies, hand-dipped chocolates, and marzipan. marzipan, marzipan! A neighborhood favorite since 1933.
Located nearby is Schaller and Weber featuring meats, sausages, and German products including a selection of German chocolates.
· Elk Candy Co, 1628 2nd Ave (btwn. 84th & 85th St.) phone: 1.212.650.1177

Evelyn's Chocolates [ website ] truffles/bon bons made in nyc
Evelyn's Chocolates

For over 40 years, Evelyn Robb has been creating hand dipped chocolates, confections, and novelties at her tiny shop in the Financial District. updated 2003-10-27

4 John Street (btwn. Broadway & Nassau St.)
phone:, fax:

Fairway Supermarket bulk chocolatechocolate bars

Fairway is an Upper West Side icon that's half supermarket, and half gourmet emporium jam-packed with goodies. The Fairway 133rd St store is a little bit larger and features a cold room stocked with prime meats, dry aged steaks, and more. Chocolate selection varies between stores. In general, the Fairway store on west 74th st stocks a wider variety of chocolates, including very exotic european artisinal brands that the store may test-market, then never ever stock again. Be sure to check both upstairs in the organic department, and downstairs (separate departments). Both stores tend to stock chocovic, valhrona, and callebaut bulk chocolate.

· Fairway UWS, 2127 Broadway (at 74th St).
  phone: 1.212.595.1888, fax: 1.212.595.9843
· Fairway Uptown, 2328 12th Avenue (at 133rd St).
  phone:, fax:
· (see Brooklyn, and Long Island pages for other Fairway locations.)

notable shop Fauchon truffles/bon bons

All USA store locations have closed for business restructuring.

This Parisian food shop features beautiful, and sumptuous treats packaged in pink and gold. Pate, pastries, tea, coffee, spices, chocolats, pâtes de fruits, pate de legumes, marzipan, et tres belle fruit confit. Chocolates $45/lb, fruit confit $50/lb, pate de fruit $40/lb. Each location also features a small cafe where one can enjoy a cup of tea, and perhaps a pastry, or two.

Fifth Avenue Chocolatiere [ website ] [ 日本語 ] truffles/bon bons made in nyc
Fifth Avenue Chocolatiere, NYC

Truffles, and custom molded chocolate novelties, and gift baskets.

693 Third Avenue (btwn. 43rd & 44th St)
phone: 1.212.935.5454 5th ave chocolatiere 5th avenue chocolatiere fifth ave chocolatiere

Filene's Basement [ website ]

A small selection of chocolate novelties can be found in the housewares department at their Union Square location. They have Ghiradelli, Valor, Valhrona, Reber, Empress, Santander, Hampton, Caprice, Ye Olde Pepper Companie, and Cape Cod Provisions (chocolate covered cranberries). updated 2005-01-12

4 Union Square South.(at 14th St/Broadway and University Pl.)
phone: 1.212.358.0169

notable shop Food Emporium Fine Chocolates [ website ] truffles/bon bonschocolate bars
Food Emporium Fine Chocolates, NYC

A dazzling display of artisanal chocolate bars from around the world can found here at this higher-end New York supermarket chain who recently opened chocolate boutiques at some of their locations. While other grocery stores can stock at most half a dozen different brands, the Food Emporium is able to stock several dozen. Divine Africa Choco-Lina Zotter Chantelly Galler Godiva Caoni Vintage Plantations Bernard Castelain Fauchon Michel Cluizel Olivier Pralus Valrhona Coppeneur Heilemann Hachez Schwermer Butler's Lily O'Briens Amedei Domori Gobino Venchi Kschocolat Amattler Blanxart Felchlin Lderach Schoenenberger Tschirren Villars Ackermann's Charbonnel et Walkers Green and Black Anna Shea Bershire Bars Charles Candies Chocolove Chuao Chocolatier Christopher Elbow Christopher Norman Frans Chocolates Guittard John Kelly Knipschildt Long Grove Chocolates Lake Champlain Chocolates Scharffen Berger Terra Nostra Valerie Vene Vosges El Rey updated 2008-05-09

· 1175 Third Ave (btwn 68th and 69th St).
· 405 East 59th (at First Ave.)
  phone: 1.212.752.5836
· 810 Eight Ave (at 49th St.)
  phone: 1.212.977.1710

Garden of Eden [ website ] truffles/bon bonschocolate bars

This gourmet emporium stocks an extensive selection of chocolate bars. Chocolate prices are a tough higher than average. The chocolate selection at each store varies slightly. Some of the stuff they may have are: full and partial lines of Bernard Castelain, Cafe Tasse, Cote d'Or, Cavalier (sugar-free), Cemoi (organic labelled), Dolfin, Domori, Drost, Flyer, Ghiradelli, Green and Black (organic labeled), Guittard, Guylan, Kinder, Lake Champlain, Lazzaroni, Lindt, Mes Recettes de Provence, Michel Cluizel, Milka, Neuhaus, Perugina, Ritter, Scharffen Berger, Valhrona, Valor, Villars, Vivandi (organic labelled), and Weiss. They also have a small selection of handmade chocolates by ??.

· 162 W 23rd St (east of 7th Ave). phone:
· 7 East 14th Street (near 5th Ave). phone:
· 2780 Broadway (at 107th St). phone:
· 310 3rd Avenue (btwn. 23rd & 24th St.). CLOSED
· (see Brooklyn page for Garden of Eden stores in Brooklyn.)

Garrison Confections truffles/bon bons

Chocolates by Andrew Garrison Shotts using Guittard chocolate. They left NYC (October 2003) to set up shop in Providence, RI.

Godiva [ website ] truffles/bon bons
Godiva, NYC

The signature gold ballotin. There are many stores in town, visit their website to locate all of them. Chocolates are also sold in some department stores, and at select Starbucks locations.

Gourmet Garage [ website ] chocolate bars

They have chocolate bars by Cemoi, Cantalou, Lindt, Ghiradelli, Vivandi (organic label), Michel Cluizel, Koppers, Joseph Schmidt, and the Gourmet Garage house brand chocolate bars made by ??.

· 453 Broome Street (corner of Mercer St). phone: 1.212.941.5850
· 117 Seventh Avenue South (at 10th St). phone:
· 301 East 64th Street (btwn. 1st & 2nd Ave.) phone: 1.212.535.6271
· 2567 Broadway (at 96th St). phone: 1.212.663.0656

Grand Central Terminal Market Hall truffles/bon bons
Grand Central Terminal Market Hall, NYC

Located inside Grand Central Terminal, the market hall features top quality purveyors from around the Tri-state area.

Li-Lac Chocolates (see listing below) has a stall here. 43rd St, and Lexington Avenue.

Henri Bendel

A small, brightly lit outpost of Alison Nelson's Chocolate Bar is located on the third floor of this high-end department store. The cafe features hot chocolate, coffee, tea, pastries, gifts, and novelties. (see listing below for Alison Nelson's Chocolate Bar above.)

· 712 Fifth Ave, (btwn 55th+56th St) phone: 1.212.582.8283

Hershey's Times Square [ website ] chocolate bars
Hershey's Times Square, NYC Hershey's chocolate, candies, and gifts at their neat little Times Square shop. Located across the street from M&M's World.

1593 Broadway (corner of 48th St)
phone: 1.212.581.9100

notable shop chocolate factory Jacques Torres Chocolate Haven [ website ] truffles/bon bonschocolate barshot chocolate made in nyc
Jacque Torres, NYC A dream come true for Jacque Torres at his new chocolate factory creating delicious chocolates, confections, wicked hot chocolate, and pastries including mudslide cookies (loaded with 9 cups of chocolate for every 20 cookies).

All chocolate is made from scratch with cacao beans roasted on site, to blending, and conching. His original shop in Brooklyn is still open. updated 2004-12-01.

· 350 Hudson Street (corner of King St.) in SoHo. opened late 2004.
  phone: 1.212.414.2462, fax: 1.718.875.2460
· 285 Amsterdam Ave (btwn 73rd and 74th st.) opened 2007.
(see Brooklyn page for details on Jacque Torres shop in Brooklyn.) jacque torres jacques torres jack torres torre

JAS Mart chocolate bars

Japanese mini grocer with a Lotte, Meiji, and other Japanese brand chocolates, and candies available. (see also Sunrise Mart below)

· 35 St. Marks Pl, (8th St, just off 2nd Ave.) phone: 1.212.420.6370
· 34 East 23rd St. (btwn. park ave south & madison) phone: 1.212.387.8721
· 2847 Broadway (btwn. 110th & 111th St.) phone: 1.212.866.4780

Jinil Au Chocolat truffles/bon bons

Kosher (dairy, and pareve) Belgian chocolate. Other locations in Brooklyn, and Cedarhurst.

238 Madison Avenue (btwn. 32nd & 33rd St.)
toll-free: 1.800.64.JINIL

Kalustyans [ website ] chocolate bars
Established 1944, Kalustyans is famous for its high-quality South Asian and Middle Eastern spices, herbs, chilis, fruits, nuts, snacks, rice, tea, coffee, and a dizzing array of sauces, syrups and foodstuffs imported from around the world. Their chocolate selection is small with a few individual bars from Lindt, Droste, and Ghiradelli.

123 Lexington Avenue (btwn 28th & 29th St.)
phone: 1.212.685.3451, fax: 1.212.683.8458

notable shop Kee's Chocolates [ website ] truffles/bon bons made in nyc
Kee's Chocolates Made fresh daily in her tiny shop in SoHo, Kee Ling Tong creates fresh cream chocolates, and truffles with flavors ranging from french creme brulee, to asian-inspired flavors. The chocolates are made really well with ultra thin shells, and well-tempered chocolate. $1.75 a piece. And if that is not enough, she also sells flowers on the side. (Previous name of the shop was Chocolate Garden.) opened fall 2002.

80 Thompson Street (btwn. Broome & Grand St.)
phone: 1.212.334.3284, fax: 1.212.334.3096

Kitchen Market chocolate barshot chocolate

This shop is closed.

This small shop is part take-out kitchen, and part chili emporium. You can buy fresh chilies, hot sauces, gourmet spices, South and Central American sundries, and a small assortment of chocolate bars from El Rey, Green & Black, and several South American brands. they serve hot chocolate made with Ibarra chocolate.
218 Eighth Avenue (btwn. 21st & 22nd St.) toll-free: 1.888.HOT.4433

notable shop chocolate factory Koppers Chocolate [ website ] truffles/bon bons

The first Kosher chocolate company in the US, founded in 1937. They manufacture a wide variety of gourmet candies, and panned chocolate including their most famous invention, the chocolate covered coffee bean. There is no retail shop, most of their products can be purchased in candy stores, and gourmet markets such as Zabars, and Gourmet Garage in NYC.

(no retail shop, HQ) 39 Clarkson Street (west of 7th Ave.)
phone:, fax:, toll-free: 1.800.325.0026

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