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Chocolatiers, confectionaries, and markets where chocolate is sold

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La Bergamote truffles/bon bons hot chocolate made in nyc
La Bergamote, NYC

Beautiful chocolates, and truffles are available in addition to well-made cakes, tarts, and pastries. A box of chocolates are 10 for $13, classic truffles are 9 for $6. updated 2003-12-03.

169 Ninth Avenue (corner of 20th St.)
phone: 1.212.627.9010, fax: 1.212.352.0949

notable shop La Maison du Chocolat [ website ] truffles/bon bonshot chocolate
La Maison du Chocolat, NYC

Exquisite, spectacular hand-dipped chocolates, and confections flown in weekly from Paris. Their speciality is ganache, but the other confections are excellent as well. Hot chocolate and pastries are available in their tiny cafe located in the back of the shop.

Chocolates are $59.00/lb, pate de fruit is $57.00/lb, 100g chocolate tablets are $7.00 - $10.00.

· 1018 Madison Avenue (bet. 78th & 79th St)
  phone: 1.212.744.7117, fax: 1.212.744.7141
· 30 Rockefeller Center (49th St side near Rainbow Room entrance) phone:


notable shop L'Atelier du Chocolat [ website ] truffles/bon bons

A fourth-generation chocolatier, and pastry chef from Annecy, France, Eric Girerd crafts chocolates in a variety of exotic Asia-inspired flavors such as curry, wasabi, and ginger. Traditional flavors (earl grey, champagne, raspberry, caramel, etc.) are available as well. updated 2010-01-03.

· 59 W 22nd St (btwn. 5th and 6th ave.)

Leonidas [ website ] truffles/bon bons

Chocolates and pralines flown in from Brussels. Every 2nd week of October, there is a $18/lb chocolate sale to celebrate the 1991, the year Leonidas first arrived in the US.

· Leonidas, 485 Madison Avenue (btwn. 51st & 52nd Sts)
· Leonidas, 3 Hanover Square. phone: 1.212.422.9600
· Manon Cafe, 120 Broadway. phone: 1.212.766.6100
· Chelsea Market Baskets, 75 Ninth Ave (inside the Chelsea Market).
· toll-free: 1.800.900.CHOC

notable shop Li-Lac Chocolates truffles/bon bons made in nyc
A neighborhood favorite located in the heart of the West Village since 1923. Li-Lac makes delicious truffles, old-fashioned chocolate, fudge, and covered chocolate treats. They also have a shop at Grand Central Market. Chocolates are ~$20-30/lb, ~$1.10-$1.55 a piece. look for the bags of "broken chocolate" for $1.50 containing a random half-dozen pieces of slightly imperfect chocolate--bargain.

note: they moved from 120 Christopher St. to their new location at 40 Eight Ave. updated 2005-01-19

· 40 Eighth Avenue (corner of Jane St.)
phone: 1.212.924.2280
· Grand Central Terminal Market Hall, 43th St and Lexington.
phone: 1.212.370.4866

Lily O'Brien's [ website ] truffles/bon bons hot chocolate
Lily O'Brien's, NYC

Irish chocolates flown in from Kildare. Hot chocolate available.

36 West 40th St (btwn. 5th & 6th ave)
phone: 1.212.575.0631

Lindt & Sprüngli [ website ] chocolate bars
Lindt, NYC

Lindt's company store features a full line of truffles, chocolate bars, and seasonal items stocked fresh from the factory.

· 692 Fifth Avenue (btwn. 54th & 55th St.)
  phone: 1.212.582.3047
· 367 Madison Ave (btwn. 45th & 46th St.)

· (see Lindt & Sprüngli location on Staten Island)

Lunettes et Chocolat truffles/bon bons chocolate bars hot chocolate

This shop is closed.

This tiny antique-like shop sells cute designer sunglasses, custom Jacque Torres chocolates ($1.50 a piece), and four kinds of hot chocolate (made with Callebraut, dry milk, and water). They also have chocolate bars by El Rey, Dolfin, and Cuba Venchi.
25 Prince Street (btwn Elizabeth & Mott St.) phone: 1.212.925.8800, fax: 1.212.925.5220, toll-free: 1.866.925.8800

M&M's World [ website ] chocolate bars
M&Ms World, Times Square, NYC

Three floors of M&M gifts, clothing, toys, and M&M candy. Located across the street from Hershey's Times Square. opened jan 2007. They don't sell mars bars, or other mars candy.

M&M's World, Times Square, NYC

1600 Broadway (at 48th St)
m+ms m+m m&ms m&m m and m's m and m mars candy

Macy's Cellar truffles/bon bonschocolate bars

Located downstairs in The Cellar shopping arcade is Macy's chocolate shop featuring handmade chocolates by Joseph Schmidt, Neuhaus, Godiva, and Yamate. Saxon Chocolates, La Nouba, Lazzaroni, Lindt, Ghiradelli, and Perugina gifts, and chocolate bars are also available. updated 2003-10-29.

Macy's The Cellar, 151 West 34th St (7th Avenue side, cellar.)

MarieBelle Fine Treats and Chocolates [ website ] truffles/bon bons hot chocolate made in nyc
La Bergamote, NYC This trendy, antique-styled shop in SoHo features hand-made designer candy boxes, artwork, chocolate bars with a handpainted Vargas-style pin-up girl on the wrapper, and custom made Jacque Torres chocolates. At the cocoa bar located in the back of the shop one can sit and enjoy six kinds of hot chocolate, tea, and pastries. Cuba Venchi, Amedei, and other specialty chocolate brands may also available for purchase.

· 484 Broome Street (btwn. Wooster & West Broadway)
  phone: 1.212.925.6999, fax: 1.212.925.8554, toll-free: 1.866.925.8800
· 762 Madison Ave, 2nd Fl. (btwn. 65th and 66th St.) opened November 2007.
  phone:, fax:

notable shop Martine's Chocolates [ website ] truffles/bon bons made in nyc
Delicious fresh cream chocolates, truffles, and novelties handmade right in front of customers. Sold at Bloomingdales in Manhattan on the 6th floor, and recently (October 2003) at their new shop Martine's Chocolates Too on the Upper East Side. Chocolates $1.58-1.98 a piece. updated 2003-10-22

· Martine's at Bloomingdales, 1000 Third Avenue (btwn. 59th & 60th Sts), 6th floor.
  phone: 1.212.705.2347, fax: 1.212.744.3604
· Martine's Chocolates Too, 400 East 82nd Street (just east of First ave)

Mary's Dairy [ website ] truffles/bon bons made in nyc

This place is closed.

Gourmet ice cream, fat-free soft-serve ice cream, and chocolate truffles.
· 171 West 4th Street phone:
· 158 First Ave phone:

Max Brenner [ website ] truffles/bon bonshot chocolate
Max Brenner, NYC

Soups, sandwiches, chocolate desserts, chocolate drinks, Israeli-made confections, and chocolate novelties are sold here at this casual lunch cafe.

· 841 Broadway (btwn. 13th and 14th St.) 1.212.388.0030
· 141 Second Avenue (corner of 9th St.)

notable shop Mondel Homemade Chocolates truffles/bon bons made in nyc
This tiny shop located near Columbia University makes very good old-fashioned dark chocolates, truffles, and confections. They also have a large collection of candy tins, and gift boxes available. A neighborhood favorite since 1943. Chocolates $19/lb.

2913 Broadway (btwn. 114th & 115th St.)
phone: 1.212.864.2111

Mondrian Pastry

opened Aug 2003, closed Aug 2004.

Mondrian Pastry is home to Michel Willaume's extremely beautiful, and carefully made pastries, and ice cream desserts. The shop also serves sandwiches, and has a selection of handmade chocolates available for $1.00 a piece. They also have a shop in Great Neck, LI. (see long island page).
1026 Third Avenue (btwn. 60th & 61st St.) phone: 1.212.759.8730, fax: 1.212.759.8122

notable shop Mr. Tsang

he disappeared.

On select days every spring until fall, Mr. Tsang can be found at his small stainless steel cart on Grand Street making Dragon's Beard candy. Starting off with a small disc of sugar which he pulls and folds over dozens of times until thin silky threads emerge which are then used to wrap a filling of chopped peanuts, and coconut.
Usually found on Grand Street.

Myzel Chocolates truffles/bon bons made in nyc
Myzel Chocolates, NYC

Myzel is a neighborhood favorite, and a good place to detour after a dance, or theater performance at the City Center located across the street. Myzel features old-fashioned hand dipped chocolates, and truffles, and gift baskets. Chocolates are $16/lb, truffles $26/lb. updated 2003-10-30.

140 West 55th Street (btwn. 6th & 7th Ave, across the street from City Center)

Neuchatel Chocolates [ website ] truffles/bon bons

Fine Swiss-style chocolates, and truffles made in Pennsylvania.

· The Plaza Hotel, 2 West 59th Street. phone: 1.212.751.7742
· Sixty Sweets, 60 Wall Street Atrium. phone: 1.212.480.3766
· Park Avenue Plaza, 55 East 52nd Street. phone: 1.212.759.1388

Neuhaus truffles/bon bons
Handmade Belgian chocolate. Sold at their retail shops around town and also at select department stores.

· 2151 Broadway, (btwn. 75th & 76th St.) phone: 1.212.712.2112
· 922 Madison Avenue - CLOSED.
· Saks Fifth Avenue 8th floor, Macy's The Cellar, ABC Home Carpet.

New York Board of Trade Cocoa Grading Room [ website ]

Most of the cocoa crop that enters the United States (via the port of new york and new jersey), is warehoused in brooklyn, and graded at the NYBOT's cocoa grading room at 39 Broadway.

· 39 Broadway

New York Cake and Baking Distributors [ website ] bulk chocolate
Among the dizzing array of cake making assessories, is a small selection of bulk Callebaut and Valhrona chocolate. Retail prices seem high compared to other shops that sold bulk couverture chocolate (Economy Candy, Fairway, Buon Italia, Whole Foods Market).

56 West 22nd Street (btwn. 5th & 6th ave)
phone: 1.212.675.CAKE, toll-free: 1.800.942.2539

notable shop Ortrud Münch Carstens Haute Chocolature made in nyc

Chocolate artistry with the air of mystery, and intrique..... Who is Ortrud Carstens? only a few people really know. Handmade chocolates designed to order, phone orders only.

Her chocolates ($75/box of 16 truffles) are now being sold at Gotham Gardens [ website ] flower shop.

· Ortrud Carstens (no retail shop, business address) <
· Gotham Gardens, 325 Amsterdam Avenue (btwn. 75th & 76th St.)
  phone: 1.212.877.8908, fax: 1.212.877.8906

Le Pain Quotidien [ website ] chocolate barshot chocolate

Meaning "daily bread" in French, this Belgium-based chain bakery bakes one of the best in the city. Their store feature rustic communal dining tables where one can enjoy a light lunch, salads, and excellent hot chocolate. Their chocolate selection is limited, but recently seen (in 2006) were Dolfin, the Le Pain Quotidien house brand made without soy lechithin, and 200g boxes of Charlemagne chocolates.

· 1131 Madison Avenue (btwn. 84th & 85th St.) ph: 1.212.327.4900
· 1336 First Avenue (btwn. 71st & 72nd St.) ph: 1.212.717.4800
· 833 Lexington Avenue (btwn. 63rd & 64th St.) ph: 1.212.755.5810
· 50 West 72nd Street (btwn. Columbus & CP West) ph: 1.212.712.9700
· 38 East 19th Street (btwn. Broadway & Park Ave S) ph: 1.212.673.7900
· 1 West 8th Street (corner of 5th ave) ph:
· 100 Grand Street (btwn. Mercer & Greene St.) ph: 1.212.625.9009
· 922 7th Avenue (corner of 58th St.) ph: 1.212.757.0775

notable shop Papabubble [ website ] truffles/bon bons made in nyc
Papabubble, NYC

Artisanal candies, and handmade lollipops, in a wide variety of flavors, colors, and oftentimes wierd shapes (rings, dentures, etc.). Candies are handmade daily. Store opened Oct 20, 2007. updated 2007-10-21

Papabubble, NYC

380 Broome St (btwn. Mott and Mulberry.)
phone: 1.212.966.2599 lolipops caramel papa bubble parabubble

notable shop Paradou [ website ] truffles/bon bons
Paradou, NYC

Located in the Meatpacking district, this tiny restaurant and wine bar serves Joel Durand chocolates from Provence for dessert at $9.00 for a plate of 4. A gift box of 16 truffles is also available for $32.00. Telephone orders available, see website. chocolates are available during winter months. updated 2003-10-18

8 Little West 12th Street (near the corner of 9th Ave.)
phone: 1.212.463.8345

notable shop Partistry [ website ] truffles/bon bons made in nyc

Truffles, confections (guimauve "marshmellow", pate de fruit), and teas by Jehangir Mehta, pastry chef at Aix. Order online, or by phone. Chocolates $15/a dozen, or $29/two dozen. Candy making classes are occasionally offered at Aix. updated 2003-11-08

· Partistry, (no retail shop, business address) 7 East 35th Street, Suite 6E
  toll-free: 1.800.939.2990, email:
· Aix, 2398 Broadway (corner of 88th Street)
  phone: 1.212.874.7400

notable shop Payard Patisserie and Bistro [ website ] truffles/bon bons chocolate bars hot chocolate made in nyc
Payard Patisserie, NYC

Exquisite French pastries are the feature here at Payard. Their lemon tart is truly sharp, and lemony without involving too much sugar. At the confectionary case, they have petit fours, pate de fruit, handmade chocolates, and chocolate bars. The chocolates, at $50/lb, are also sold at Dean and Deluca. Payard also has a location in Manhasset, LI. (see long island page). updated 2004-12

1032 Lexington Avenue (btwn 73rd & 74th St.)
phone: 1.212.717.5252, fax: 1.212.717.0986, toll-free: 1.877.8.PAYARD

Petrossian Cafe [ website ] truffles/bon bons
Petrossian This Parisian foie gras, and caviar king makes elegant tarts made with creme fraiche/apple sauce, and poached fruit on top. They also have handmade chocolates at $48/lb, and tiny chocolate covered coffee beans resembling caviar at $40/lb.

911 Seventh Avenue (btwn. 57th & 58th St.)
phone:, fax:

notable shop Pierre Marcolini [ website ] truffles/bon bons
Belgian truffles and confections flown in from Brussels. Chocolates $2.25 each. opened Feb 2005. updated 2005-02-10

485 Park Avenue (btwn. 58th & 59th St.)
phone: 1.212.755.5150

Pure Dark truffles/bon bons made in nyc

Dark chocolate confections, and chocolate-covered fruit and nut combinations. opened October 2008.

350 Bleecker Street (corner of w 10th st).
phone: 1.212.759.8560, fax: 1.212.759.8561.

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