Absinthe Ducros Fils
Absinthe Ducros Fils

by Leonetto Cappiello
28 in x 40 in
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Parisian Promenade
Parisian Promenade

by Christa Kieffer
36 in x 24 in
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Compagnie Francaise

by Théophile Alexandre Steinlen
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Chocolatiers, confectionaries, and markets where chocolate is sold, in
ManhattanBronx, BrooklynQueens, Staten IslandLong Island, Westchester

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- Queens -

Aji Ichiban [ website ]

This unique Hong Kong based candy shop features a wide variety of sweet, and salty snacks available mix-and-match by the pound. They have over a dozen kinds each of preserved plums, dried fish jerkys, and dried fruits in addition to sweet candies. There is not much chocolate available, however.

· 51-51A Main Street, Flushing, NY.
  phone: 1.718.460.6663, fax: 1.718.460.6662
· (see Aji Ichiban locations in Manhattan.)

Aigner Chocolates truffles/bon bons

see Krause Candy Kitchen below

Al-Halabi Nuts [ website ]

Al Halabi sells nuts, and coffee roasted and shipped in from their factory in Beirut, Lebanon for retail, and wholesale. In addition, they have a dozen varieties of candy bars including Kinder, and Cadbury; an mid-eastern nougat candy; and Lebanese chocolates (Rebelle Chocolat, and Souchet.) Chocolates are $12/lb, nougat candy are $10.00/lb. updated 2003-10-31

25-89 Steinway Street, Astoria, NY.
phone: 1.718.267.6666
(see Al Halabi location in Brooklyn)

Brastudo [ website ] chocolate bars

The store is gone

Brastudo is a small shop featuring all things Brazilian. The food section consists of no more than a few shelves of select items, among them boxes of Garoto Bombons Sortidos (Garoto brand assorted bonbons, $2.99). Lacta chocolate (Kraft Foods Brazil) bars are also available.

· Brastudo: 32-69 31st Street, Astoria (btwn. Broadway & 34th Av)
ph: 1.718.956.6740, fx: 1.718.956.4682, toll-fr: 1.877.626.0642.

Chocolates Unlimited [ website ]

Molded chocolate novelties, gift baskets/promo items.

169-02 Crocheron Avenue, Flushing, NY.
phone: 1.718.359.4466, fax: 1.718.886.2618

Davies Candies

Since 1931. closed?

101-07 Jamaica Avenue (btwn. 101 & 102nd St.) in Richmond Hill.
phone: 1.718.849.7750

Krause's Candy Kitchen [ website ] truffles/bon bons made in nyc
Since 1930. They sell Aigner Chocolates
(see also Aigner Chocolates in Long Island).

103-02 Metropolitan Avenue, Forest Hills, NY
phone: 1.718.544.1850, fax: 1.718.374.0054


Lazar's Chocolate [ website ] truffles/bon bons made in nyc

Handdipped chocolates, truffles, and novelties.

· Bay Terrace Shopping Center, 212-67A 26th Ave, Bayside, NY.
  phone: 1.718.428.3032. fax: 1.718.428.3021
· (see locations on Long Island.)

chocolate factory Madelaine Chocolate Novelties [ website ] made in nyc
Kosher chocolate novelties, since the 1940s.

They have a small factory store on the corner of Beach 95th St, and Rockaway Blvd.

96-03 Beach Channel Drive, Rockaway Park, NY.
phone: 1.718.945.1500, fax: 1.718.318.4607.

Schmidt's Confectionery truffles/bon bons made in nyc

Handdipped chocolates, truffles, and novelties, since 1926.

94-15 Jamaica Avenue. Woodhaven, NY. (btwn. 94th & 95th Sts)
phone: 1.718.846.9326, 1.718.849.6942

Sweet Factory [ website ]

Candy franchise selling candies, and chocolates mix-and-match by the pound.

Queens Center Mall, 90-01 Queens Blvd, in Rego Park/Elmhurst. subway to Woodhaven stop.
· multiple locations, see also Manhattan, Westchester, and Long Island

chocolate factory Swersey's Chocolate [ website ]

Grand Ave (at 54th Street), Maspeth, NY.
phone: 1.718.497.8800, fax: 1.718.497.8100.

Titan Foods [ website ] chocolate bars

Titan is a well-stocked Greek market featuring lots of imported goods as well as domestic and imported Feta, Halva, nuts, and many other prepared foodstuffs. Their Greek chocolate selection consists of Ion chocolate, Break chocolate, Lacta (Kraft Foods Greece), and Pavlides chocolate bars.

25-56 31st Street, Astoria, NY

Trade Fair [ website ] chocolate bars

Trade Fair is a local supermarket chain with locations all over Queens. They often stock products reflecting the tastes of the neighborhood they are located in. The Jackson Heights location I visited had wide selection of chocolate, and chocolate con azucar (sweetened chocolate for hot drinks). From Columbia, they had Luker Sweet, Luker Bitter, Luker Chocolate con Clavos y Canela (cloves and cinnamon flavored), Luker Chocolate Sol, Nacional de Chocolate Corona, NdC Diana (con clavos y canela), and NdC ChocoLyne (diabetico, con aspartame). From Mexico, they had Abuelita, and Ibarra brands. From Argentina, they had Chocolate Aguila. From the Dominican Republic, there was the Embajador brand sweetened chocolate, and from Puerto Rico was Chocolate Cortes. 2003-08-10

75-07 37th Avenue, Jackson Heights, NY.
check the other trade fair locations for possible similarities...

Trade Fair [ website ] chocolate bars

The Trade Fair in Astoria features a small selection of chocolate from Brazil, which consists of Garato, and Lacta chocolate bars, and Brazil Nestle Couverture. updated 2003-08-20.

30-08 30th Avenue, Astoria, NY.
check the other trade fair locations for possible similarities...

Western Beef [ website ] chocolate bars

Western Beef is a large supermarket chain with locations all over the five boroughs featuring low prices, and quality. They also strongly target the tastes of the neighborhood they are located in. In the Astoria location, they had a variety of Garoto, and Lacta brand chocolate bars, Nicoe Choconana (chocolate covered bananas, 8oz) and Nestle Couverture (1kg, $11.89) all made in Brazil. They also had Luker Sweet chocolate, Luker Bitter chocolate, and Luker Chocolate Sol (chocolate con azucar) all made in Columbia. Plus a box of chocolate Cortes made in Puerto Rico, Sanchez Mira made in Spain, Nestle Familiar made in Ecuador, and Ibarra Mexican hot chocolate. 2003-08-10

36/20-36/30 Steinway Street, Astoria, NY. (corner of Northern Blvd).
check the other Western Beef locations for possible similarites...

- Staten Island -

Andrew and Alan's Bakery and Chocolate Factory [ website ] truffles/bon bons made in nyc

Since 1977, this neighborhood favorite have been baking cakes, pies, cookies, and ice cream cakes. Their chocolate shop, located next door, features hand-dipped chocolates, truffles, and novelties. Chocolates are $12.99/lb.

· 61-65 New Dorp Plaza (btwn. Rose Av & New Dorp Lane across the street from the New Dorp train station.) phone: 1.718.667.9696, fax: 1.718.987.5871.
· 598 Richmond Road
  phone: 1.718.727.3925 Andrew and Allan's Andrew & Allan's Andrew & Alan's

Egger's Ice Cream Parlor truffles/bon bons made in nyc

This ice cream parlor features ice cream sundaes, fountain drinks, and a very small selection of chocolates.

· 1194 Forest Avenue (near Jewett Avenue), phone: 1.718.981.2110
· 2716 Hylan Boulevard, phone: 1.718.980.6339
· 7437 Amboy Road, phone: 1.718.605.9335

Lee Sims Chocolate [ website ] truffles/bon bons made in nyc

A wide selection of hand dipped chocolates, confections, and novelties. The butter crunch is pretty good. Chocolates are $10.95-$13.95/lb updated 2003-10-31

· 1909 Victory Blvd (bet. Jewett Ave & Westcott Blvd.) in Castleton.
  phone: 1.718.448.9276, fax: 1.718.448.4330, toll-free: 1.800.540.4887
· note, there's another Lee Sim's chocolate in new jersey (743 Bergen Ave, jersey city), but different website, etc...

Lindt & Sprüngli [ website ] chocolate bars

Lindt's company store features a full line of truffles, chocolate bars, and seasonal items stocked fresh from the factory.

2655 Richmond Avenue (Pergament Mall, space 2315)

· (see Lindt & Sprüngli location in Manhattan.)

notable shopcoin Philip's Candy of Coney Island truffles/bon bons made in nyc
John Dorman--one of the oldest candy makers in New York--has been making candies continously since 1947 at Coney Island Stillwell Avenue later moving to Staten Island early 2003 after being forced to close due to Subway construction early 2001.

Philip's features old-fashioned candies at old-fashioned prices. Expertly made peanut brittle, candied apples ($1.95), hand-dipped chocolates ($1.95+ quarter pound), maple walnut fudge ($0.95 quarter pound), cotton candy, caramel popcorn, and so much more. Mr. Dorman's gigantic lolipops, and salt water taffy are no longer made as the equipment used to make it was "lost" [stolen] during the move from Coney Island. But, one day, hopefully soon, they will be offered once again.... updated 2003-10-31. philips candy phillips candy phillip's candy

8 Barrett Ave (just off Forest Avenue) in Port Richmond.
phone: 1.718.981.0062

chocolate factory Superior Confections [ website ] truffles/bon bons made in nyc

All sorts of chocolate candies, confections, and truffles have been made by Superior Confections since 1911. They have a small retail shop where all of their products can be purchased.

501 Industry Road (across from the West Shore Plaza mall)
phone: 1.718.698.3300 ext 224, fax: 1.718.698.0400

chocolate factory Supreme Chocolatier made in nyc

Related to Superior Confections. This location opened in 2002. They have an outlet store on the premises, and daily tours.

1150 South Avenue.
phone: 1.718.761.9600

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